At Cosmic Plastics Inc. we are dedicated to

“Quality in Everything We Do”

Quality in Everything We Do

Customer Satisfaction

Meeting our customer’s requirements and exceeding their expectations.

Quality Compliance

Conforming to international ISO 9001 standards, customer processes, and regulatory requirements.

Responsible Management

Recognizing our leadership in the thermoset market by providing a safe workplace, manufacturing quality, American-made products, being environmentally conscious, and having a dedication to “Quality in Everything We Do”.

Continual Improvement

Finding new and innovative ways to improve our processes, adding value to our products and improving our performance.


Respecting and valuing our fellow employees, suppliers, and customers as integral partners in our efforts.

Quality Assurance

Cosmic Plastics Inc ISO 9001 Facility

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) offers a process to assist companies in measuring Quality Management Systems against an international standard. Companies develop their own quality processes, manuals and procedures. As required, records are maintained of quality and production performance, such as planning, monitoring, training, and customer satisfaction with products or services.

Cosmic Plastics uses the services of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) auditors, or their designees, to certify that Cosmic’s Quality Management System meets, or exceeds the requirements of the ISO international standards, and that the company’s quality manual, procedures and forms help assure a continually consistent, quality product.

The Cosmic Plastics team is proud to have been ISO certified since 1996, and will continue to do our best to find new and innovative ways to meet our customer’s needs.

Put Our Quality Testing to the Test

To monitor quality and consistency throughout the product development and manufacturing phases, Cosmic Plastics incorporates strict statistical process controls (SPCs) in its extensive testing system. Equipment is continually upgraded to ensure reliable results in the testing of the thermal, rheological and chemical stability of all our products.

A Strong Foundation in Research and Development

Our staff of thermoset experts, armed with state-of-the-art instrumentation, form the heart of our R&D capabilities. We are constantly investigating new and improved resins, formulations, and materials, resulting in economical and product effectiveness improvements for our customers. In addition, we are continuously researching safer and better materials for the environment. For over fifty years, Cosmic Plastics has developed formulations to meet the ever-changing needs of our consumers, and in doing so, has successfully established itself as a technology leader.

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