Cosmic Alkyds

Cosmic Alkyds are polyester based thermosets.

These materials offer good electrical insulation, dimensional stability, and mechanical strength and are used in circuit breakers, relays, switches, coil bobbins, terminal boards, and connectors.

The major standard product groups include:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Coil Bobbins
ProductASTM D-5948-96 MIL-M-14 Flammability Rating: UL-94Flexural Strength: ASTM D-790Impact Strength: ASTM D-256Heat Distortion TemperatureMolding ShrinkageCompressive Strength: ASTM D-695Technical Data Sheets (TDS)Safety Data Sheets (SDS)ApplicationFillerFlame Retardant
3D36MAI-60V1 1/812 - 14,0003 - 6205.001-.00418 - 22,000AlkydFiberglassYes
3D94NANA8 - 14,0000.3 - 0.5205.001-.00818 - 22,000AlkydFiberglassYes