Cosmic Epoxy compounds are specially made to suit each customer’s requirements.

These materials possess outstanding electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties, and are available in the following grades:

Electrical Grades

The Electrical Grades offer superior electrical properties, dimensional stability, and mechanical strength. They are widely used in underwater connectors and other electrical insulation applications.

Electronic Encapsulation Grades

The Electronic Encapsulation Grades offer excellent adhesion to substrates good thermal shock and moisture resistance. These materials are predominantly used in passive devices such as resistors, resistor networks, inductors, capacitors, coils, switches, bushings, and relays. Supplied in a wide range of flows, they can be either injection, transfer, or compression molded. They flow easily at low pressure and have no out gassing.

Structural Grades

The Structural Grades offer high mechanical strength for use in aircraft structures and other applications to replace heavy metal parts. They can be either compression or transfer molded.

EMI Shielding and Conductive Grade

EMI Shielding and Conductive Grades offer a variety of shielding strengths for fabrication of core rods and to encapsulate surface mount and axial leaded inductors. This single molded compound eliminates the labor intensive over and under molding.

Other Special Grades Include:

  • FDA grades which meet requirements for food processing applications.
  • Low-stress material most suitable for semiconductors and opto-coupler applications.
  • Hole-filled material for metal core boards used in printed circuits. These materials provide maximum adhesion to inserts and metal parts.


PRODUCTASTM D-5948-96 MIL-M-14 Flammability Rating: UL-94Flexural Strength: ASTM D-790Impact Strength: ASTM D-256Heat Deflection TemperatureMolding ShrinkageCompressive Strength: ASTM D-695Technical Data Sheets (TDS)Safety Data Sheets (SDS)APPLICATIONFILLERFLAME RETARDANT
E484 GEI-5VO 1/16190000.6260.002-.00430000ElectricalGlassYes
E4920MEH, MEG, MEE, MECVO 1/8150000.5260.002-.00435000EncapsulationMineralYes
E4920DNAVO 1/8150000.5260.002-.00435000EncapsulationMineralYes
E4920FCMEE, MEG, MEE, MECVO 1/16185000.5260.002-.00435000EncapsulationMineralYes
E4930RNAVO 1/8150000.6260.002-.00428000EncapsulationMineralYes
E4940SNAVO 1/8150000.5260.002-.00428000EncapsulationMineralYes


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